Dienstag, 4. Januar 2011

What is your focus?

Have always time for a smile!
The days around the turn of the year are often packed full of wishes and dreams, with the formulation of goals and visions, often drawn to the smallest detail. For many of us it is definitely quite round in my head. I sometimes find myself here that remain out of sheer plan and objectives, formulating the fun and ease rather on the track. A Chinese proverb says: "Life is either mastered smiling - or not." How true is it!


Therefore I decided in 2011 to the following motto: Have always time for a smile!


- More smiles instead of brooding 
- More pleasure instead of waiver
- More rest instead of restless
- More ease severity rather than

I sincerely hope that many join this motto, and that we can jointly take more life, more laughter and more ease in the world!

© mustangonny

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