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Do you know Eifelgeist??

Bildquelle - Eifel-Destillerie

I also can ask, if anyone knows Josef More´.

The Hungarian-born since 1989 is Hotel Manager at the
Dorint Am Nuerburgring / Hocheifel. In the international
racing scene better known as "Joseph". "I am not a director,
I'm hosting," he says, and as the host, he was obliged to do
everything for its guests to have.

His executive assistant Heike Schumacher and he formed
the heart and soul of the hotel.

In the hotel expects a motorsports museum special kind
of "Joseph" has gathered over the years, true treasures and decorated
at the end of the racing season at the hotel.

The legendary "cockpit" of the atmosphere
here looks like him.
Now we come back to my first question:

"Does anyone of you Eifel Geist ?"

Oh, now it is difficult
for me to make rhymes,
in german there are a lot about Eifelgeist. :)
Ok I try, sounds a little bit like this:

Do you drink Eifelgeist in the night,

better is a headache tablet to invite.

Ok, just kidding ;-)

On the website of the Eifel distillery you can read:

Eifelgeist is a precious herbs-aquavit
with 42 exquisite herbs and roots, which are known from the
herbalists since ancient times. They exalt the unmistakable full-bodied
character and noble taste for over 70 years (47% vol)

I must admit, that sounds very healthy!

Eifelgeist is consumed only with white gloves. The Eifelgeist is consumed only with white gloves.
This is a typical thing from the Dorint Hotel at the Nuerburgring/Germany.It was Josefs idea, when formula one came back to the Eifelarea.
And better is, because the glasses are frozen and after 15 glasses... :))Each guest receives a detailed explanation of the ceremonies.

Do you wanna taste? So visit my second home, come to the Nürburgring!

Yep, that's it!

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