Freitag, 25. September 2009

Under pressure :)

- or funny things about penguins


Most people do not know, how it behaves with the penguin colonies. If once you've experienced, it will change your life forever, because:

1. you smell it
2. then you hear
3. Then you see them :-)

The incomparable scent of a penguin colony you will take to bed at night, especially if you are like me has rolled in the penguinshit. That wasn't the plan, but... :-)

I sat on a stone and was waiting that one of the little ones came to me. Good plan so far - but it was unfortunately blocked by a awful screeching of a young American lady.

Both of us - the little penguin and me were totally scared and he ran up to me.

The nearly crash was prevented by a clever manouve of the little one. Phew! I fell into the red-colored penguin shit. What a shame really ...

Revenge is black pudding :) Is this the right translation for the german saying: "Rache ist Blutwurst" ??
The most impressive however is the pressure with the little ones shoot their "shops" in the world. The same American lady stood beside me in front of these two, suddenly the right turned around and unfortunately missed out by 0.50 meters, he fired the bullets, 1.60 m in her direction. An indefinable sound came from her mouth: "Amazing!" The bottom line, the goals they have to learn.


Yep, that's it!!


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