Donnerstag, 6. Mai 2010

My four musketeers

- my networking- cloverleaf or Constance and the four Musketeers

I started with my website in january 2009, networking end of the month with Yasni

In summer 2009 my network was growing and builded on my cloverleaf or how i call them :) my four musketeers.

My four musketeers are 4 good friends with whom I am bound in almost all networks. 4 special people I want to introduce here in my blog.


Arno Fischbacher from Salzburg, is voice coach for the economy, speaker, author and business coach. He is an expert on the unconscious power of the voice in customer service, leadership and sales.

His specialty is vocal, verbal and body language occurrence. Arnos book "Geheimer Verführer Stimme" is like a bible for people, who have to speak a lot. I am looking forward to my first coaching with him.

Elmar Theurer from Karlsruhe, a photographer, he has a studio for photography and styling. Great excitement before my first photo shooting with him.

With great empathy and wit, the following pictures came about.


Alexander Plath trains for over 10 years poeple in management and sales and is a sought-after trainer and speaker also in foreign countries: He believes primarily with high practical relevance, humor and enthusiasm.

Last but not least: Andreas Wiedow He is coach since 1977, specialist for telephone calls around since 1988.
And my specialist for networking, which has given tips to me, a networking beginner, always with a patience and humor in a similar way.
Thanks to him, I know that hyperlinks are not diseases and that keywords really can open doors.

A big thanks to you!
There is only one thing to say: ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE!

Constance ;)))

Always lovely, you will see! Enjoy the following video!

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