Sonntag, 21. August 2011

Make a wish

... but don't wonder or wanna a big portion of ice?

All my friends know, that I love to make expedition cruises, my favorite holiday destinations are the ice areas. 

Those people, whom once stood in front of a glacier, will know this desire, it might even break off a big piece. Many times we made zodiac tours with Ms Hanseatic in front of fantastic glaciers. All the time this amazing views and all the time everybody have the same wish –a large portion of ice, please. So am I!

On my last trip expedition Norway around Spitsbergen. We made a zodiac trip in the bay in front of the Monaco glacier, which is about 40 m high. Small pieces are falling down from wall. When I checked the pics on my camera, a scream scared me. It was something like, "Oh God, now the hole wall is breaking down." Any questions for the force of thought desire
By the way - I made wonderful pics, which you can see here.

My whole log, which I started in 2009 you can read here, please use Google translater, because I wrote all the logs from my trips in german. 

So the conclusion of my journey is, when you make a wish, be mindful, because you never know, how your wishes come true.

Picture from Dr. Arne Kertelhein

Have a great day

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