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The moon wished to marry the sun

As she realized that she would never be able to unite with him, she shed huge, yellow tears. These tears are the origin of the Amazon River. (Ancient Amazon myth)

The element water is a determinating factor in the myths and legends of the people who live on the Amazon. Many curanderos tell tales of mysterious under water worlds that may be visited both in the visions an in real life. It is told that the ancient magicians of the Amazon could live under water as long as they pleased. They lived in the underwater world with their water-wives, the "sirenas" or the "yacu-warmis" (yacu = water, warmi=woman). When they would return, after weeks or months, they would leave the river with dry clothes.

So it is told that Don Pedro's uncle, Don Eleuthenio Guerra, had these special powers. He was a "sumi". This is the title of the Amazon shamans that have the capacity of remaining under Water as long as they whish. He was married to two women, one of whom was a Yacuwarmi, a sirena of the Amazon River. At the age of 107 he took his leave and went to live with his sirena for good. The water-spirits are called by the curanderos during the ceremonies, by means of the

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Informations about the world of the great mother of the water and more you will found on Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales. The shaman Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales lives in the Peruvian Amazon jungle. He is a descendent of an ancient healer family. Like his father before him (Don Jose Guerra), Pedro is a "Palero", a tree shaman.
Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales is one of the most renowned shamans of the Amazon.

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