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Reforest Amazon - medicalplants

 is a project supported by Arno Fischbacher


Andreas Stockinger (Unternehmerbund), Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales und Arno Fischbacher im Herbst 2008. 
Charity - this is very important project for me, here I want suggest it to you.

It is supported by Arno Fischbacher, who is an expert on voice coaching and rhetoric training for consumer services, sales services and management in the whole german speaking area.


Since five years Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales, one of the most renowned Amazonian shamans, is reforsting some of the most endangered medicalplants in the region of Iquitos (Loreto, Peru).
Currently, five parts of endangered medicinal plants, including powerful giant tree, afforested again: Copaiba, Oje, Sarza, Sangre de Grado and Huancaui Sacha.

See this YouTube video. Burning and plundering: valuable medicinal tree specieswill be lost forever. Don Pedro Guerra Gonzales will reforest important medicinalplant trees again. The german "Unternehmerbund" and Voicecoach Arno Fischbacherare helping him.

Your help is also welcome!
Waldwelt, Verein zum Erhalt der Wälder dieser Welt
Projekt "Medizinbäume des Amazonas"
IBAN AT811700000180067116, BIC: BFKKAT2K

Thank you 
and have a wonderful day 

About the amazon rainforest from Wikipedia


The Amazon rainforest (Brazilian Portuguese: Floresta Amazônica or Amazônia; Spanish: Selva Amazónica or Amazonia), also known as Amazonia, or the Amazon jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest that covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. This basin encompasses seven million square kilometers (1.7 billion acres), of which five and a half million square kilometers (1.4 billion acres) are covered by the rainforest. This region includes territory belonging to nine nations. The majority of the forest is contained within Brazil, with 60% of the rainforest, followed by Peru with 13%, and with minor amounts in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. States or departments in four nations bear the name Amazonas after it. The Amazon represents over half of the planet's remaining rainforests, and it comprises the largest and most species-rich tract of tropical rainforest in the world. The Amazon rainforest was short-listed in 2008 as a candidate to one of the New7Wonders of Nature by the New Seven Wonders of the World Foundation. As of February 2009 the Amazon was ranking first in Group E, the category for forests, national parks and nature reserves.  

See the following Yasuní ITT Documentary on YouTube:


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